13 pregnant women died


           13 pregnant women died at Rajasthan Jodhpur’s Umaid Hospital after being administered with infected glucose. The deaths, which occurred in the span of just over a week, happened at the time of child births. The women had undergone C-sections or had suffered excessive bleeding during deliveries.

Initial investigations

            Initial investigations reveal that the patients were, indeed, administered contaminated IV fluid which eventually led to their deaths. "The deaths occurred due to infected fluids", said Dr Narendra Changani, Superintendent, Umaid Hospital.

Government action

            Now government started a detailed investigation to find out the real reasons for these deaths. If there is a need for criminal action, and register a case. Meanwhile, experts are also probing whether a Superbug has entered the hospital’s Operation Theatre. A Superbug is a bacterium which is resistant to most antibiotics and causes maximum harm to patients undergoing surgeries. For the time being, four out of the five Operation Theatres have been closed down and a committee of six experts is collecting and checking all samples from the Operation Theatres.

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