21 caesarean operations in 48 hours



21 caesarean operations in 48 hours

2011,April,22nd Friday afternoon, doctors at Kerala’s Alappuzha hospital rushed with as many as 21 caesarean operations in 48 hours to allegedly suit their holiday plans. Relatives of patients alleged that the surgeries were conducted in a hurry so that the doctors could be off duty during the long Maundy Thursday to Easter weekend holidays.Some of the cases reportedly involved women who could wait till next week for delivery.
"My delivery was slated on the 26th. But it was advanced to the 20th," said one of the women who underwent C-section.
Due to the ‘mass caesarean’ in the already under-equipped hospital, many mothers could not even get a proper bed and medical attention.
More than a dozen mothers with their newborns could be seen lying on the floor of the hospital, lacking post-delivery care.
As protests mount over the incident, authorities are under pressure to act tough against the erring doctors. The state government has ordered a probe into the incident.

What is A Caesarean section

(C-section) is surgery to deliver a baby. Most ic the time, this procedure done in emergency. The baby is taken out through the mother’s abdomen. Most C-sections are done when unexpected problems happen during delivery. These include

Health problems in the mother
The position of the baby
Not enough room for the baby to go through the vagina
Signs of distress in the baby
C-sections are also more common among women carrying more than one baby.

The surgery is relatively safe for mother and baby. Still, it is major surgery and carries risks. It also takes longer to recover from a C-section than from vaginal birth. After healing, the incision may leave a weak spot in the wall of the uterus. This could cause problems with an attempted vaginal birth later. However, more than half of women who have a C-section can give vaginal birth later.

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