A Huge Snake Died After It Bit The Breast Of A Model


A Huge Snake Died After It Bit The Breast Of A Model

A huge snake died of silicone poisoning after it bit the enhanced breast of a model during a photo shoot. Israeli Orit Fox was at a photo shoot in Tel Aviv in which she alluringly used the boa constrictor. The snake suddenly lunged at her and bit her breast, the Daily Mail reported Monday. Fox was initially comfortable with the snake and wrapped it around her legs, waist and neck. She then licked the snake, loosening the grip on its neck. The snake then sank its fangs into her left breast. The model screamed for help, and an assistant struggled to pull off the determined snake. After a few seconds, the snake released its grip. Though Fox needed a tetanus shot in the hospital, it was the snake which came off worse as it died from silicone poisoning.

why snake died?

silicone breast implants have been surgically emplaced in an estimated two million American women. Some women get them as part of breast reconstruction therapy following mastectomy for breast cancer, but the majority get them because they want larger breasts.

Silicone is a biologically active and toxic substance.

The original statement by the Dow Chemical Company in the 1940s, repeated hundreds of times since, that silicone is biologically inert and nontoxic, was based on a single one-week study of rats and guineas pigs. (In 1943, Dow Chemical Company and Corning Glassworks formed Dow Corning Corporation to market silicone and silicone implants.) The basic gel implant fillerñDC 360 silicone fluidñwas once considered worth following up for development by Dow Corning scientists as a potent insecticide, one of the few known substances capable of killing cockroaches.

Dow Corning researchers also studied silicone as a possible better chemical warfare and riot control agent,according to a 1969 internal memorandum obtained by the PSC. The silicone gel is not a single substance but a fluid comprised of numerous different versions of silicone, such that it is better termed a chemical soup. Research collected by the PSC shows that silicone has marked effects on the adrenal glands and liver, induces chronic inflammation, and degrades into smaller molecules, including silica. silicone fed to rabbits produced widespread toxic effects including kidney and spleen damage within four months.

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