Abortion is possible in Middle East ?

Abortion is possible in Middle East ? dubai


UAE there is no centre that you will get an abortion. Because abortion is illegal in UAE. Countries like UAE,Jordan, Kuwait, Syria, abortion is restricted.
Countries like India, china, north America, South Africa, Russia, Bahrain, Qatar abortion is legal on request.
Saudi Arabia allowed only first trimester to protect women’s life.
Only in some countries pregnancy can be terminated in the first four months but with exception, if the foetus is mentally or physically handicapped. But parents should give their consent and registered doctors to confirm that the foetus is damaged.

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  1. Jyoti says:

    Abortion is illegal in UAE. However you could fly to Mumbai India for a safe and legal abortion. A Good guide and information resource for abortion in India is abortionindia dot com.

    One of the popular government recognized abortion center in Mumbai is the Family hospital in India which does both first and second trimester abortions in a safe and legal settings. Also help in medical abortion or abortion pill for women in early first trimester abortion. A good team of doctors and caring nurses makes this a very popular center for women from Dubai and Abu dhabi travelling to Mumbai India. http://www.abortionindia.com

  2. aedabr says:

    Girls, Abortion Pills Are Now Available In Sharjah, Alhayad Medical Center, Near Corniche, With The Lady Dr There On 35th Floor.. Go Secetrly..

  3. Abd says:

    Where to get abortion pills

  4. sandhya says:

    How much is the cost and please tell me if it is safe as i am going to complete 6 months after my 2nd c section

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