Abortion is the procedure of ending a pregnancy before the delivery of normal baby.

Two types of abortion is there,

1 Miscarriage or spontaneous abortion

2 Induced abortion


Miscarriage is very common in the early pregnancy. ( First three months of pregnancy, 12weeks ) 90% of miscarriage is occur in this time.

Miscarriage in less than 10weeks like heavy menstrual period. Heavy bleeding with pain is common. Miscarriage in 12th week to 24th week is mild version of child birth. Strong intermediate pain will be there, with bleeding.

Reasons of miscarriage,

  • Health problems, E.g. diabetes
  • Infection
  • Accident
  • Sexual intercourse etc

Induced Abortion

Induced abortion is the intentional termination of a pregnancy before the fetus can live independently. This can perform by surgery or using medicine. Self induced abortion is more dangerous situation. Bleeding and Infection is the important complication of induced abortion.

Reasons of induced abortion

  • Birth control
  • To end a unwanted pregnancy
  • Avoid a child with birth defect
  • Rape leads to pregnancy
  • Physical and mental condition of mother etc

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