Acidity is One of the very common problem in now a days. Why this problem is very common? Normally in our stomach produced some acids which helps digestion. Some times the level of acids produced by the stomach will increase abnormally and this leads to stomach upset. The normal ph value is 7.35 to 7.45.
Outcome of the different factors, from the food we are eating, dieting pattern, stress, alcoholism this are the main factors can cause acidity.
            Food items like orange, grape fruit, beef, chicken, pork, eggs, soybean, green peas, biscuits, oats, coffee, onion, vinegar are commonly boosting the acidity.
            Stress if you are in stress body will produce more acids this leads to acidity. So be cool
            Alcoholism is also will affect. All alcoholic drinks are acidity boosters. Beer, wine, soda, alcohol etc

Symptoms of acidity

      Burning sensation in abdomen
      Pain in abdomen
      Bitter taste
     Giddy feeling

Common Drugs that used to treat acidity

     Proton pump inhibitors
     H2 blockers

                Common techniques drink more water, milk is also a good drink for acidity, eat food in proper time, avoid alcoholism, avoid foods that make acidity. And be happy always.

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