Ambulance is specialized medically equipped vehicle to transport people who sick or injured to hospital. Wide range of vehicles used as ambulance vans, trucks, bicycle, motor bike, buses, helicopter, flight, boats, ships.

The word ambulance is come from the Latin word “AMBULARE” the words meaning to move. The early ambulance service is by lifting or wheeling for this there is no training. The first ambulance is used by Spain in 1487. That was a starting of new modern ambulance service.

Now a day’s ambulance is well organized in most of the countries. This time the emergency control room is the one deciding what kind of response is needed for the person who requested, is it really need an ambulance, and what type of ambulance is needed. Most of the countries ambulance service is free, paid ambulance there is exceptional cases but in real emergency case the ambulance is free service.

Anyone can request ambulance in emergency telephone number or universal phone members E.g. 999,122,977,100. In all the mobiles there is emergency numbers. Otherwise you can find it in the telephone directory. Most of the time emergency numbers are free. And it typically three or four numbers, and is different in other countries.

Ambulance service

Once you dial 999 or medical emergency number, the dispatcher will ask the details of what wrong and what happened, exact location of the incident, and working contact number, or the details of the number you are calling from. The same time ambulance will dispatch to incident location. But you should stay on the phone line, so that the dispatcher can give the medical advice to help the patient. This process will not delay the ambulance response.

While calling ambulance the data should be clear.The emergency ambulance is designed to provide urgent response to those with serious illness or injury.

What all the time u can call ambulance.

• Cardiac arrest

• Chest pain

• Shortness of breath

• Drowsiness

• Seizure

• Fall more than 2 meter height

• Road traffic accident

• Penetrating injury

• Abdominal pain (old age people)

• Extensive burn

• Fresh hematemesis

• And other serious injury or illness

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