Back pain


Back pain

Back pain is pain in the back born (vertebral Colum) or the back muscle. There is two type of back pain, acute and chronic. Acute means the pain last for less than 3 to 6 weeks. More than 6 months it should be chronic.


This may be related to a injury, trauma leads to strain or fracture. And sudden onset. This because of improper lifting position, fall, motor accident, or a trip. General acute back pain will not last more than 48 to 96hrs.


Pain will starts slowly and later gets worse. This leads to weakness of muscle in leg. Back pain is common in all groups, but 35yr and more is more common.

Symptoms of the back pain

Pain, redness, swelling on the back, pain on the lower extremities, numbness etc .

Causes of back pain

Prolonged standing, Prolonged sitting, Wrong positioning, Congenital problems like spondylosis. Spinal disk degeneration

Normal pregnancy can cause back pain in different ways. Starching of lower back, starching in the ligaments of pelvis. Herniation of the disk can compress the spinal cord. It leads to back pain. Ostieomyelits infection of the born, Tumor cancerous etc, all this can case back pain

Treatment of back pain

Self care at home is good treatment. It include while sleeping use a medicated mattress. Use pillow under the knee. There is no specific back exercise for back pain. And treat the specific problems like surgery it will reduce the back pain. Pain killer medicines can use of pain.

Problems of the back pain can investigate by physical examination, x-ray, CT scan, MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging).

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