Banned Chemical Clenbuterol Found In Pigs


Banned Chemical Clenbuterol Found In Pigs

In china, pigs are tested and found positive result of banned chemical clenbuterol, this is dangerous in large quantities to humans. Three senior officials in central China have been suspended and investigation is going on. In China Henan province were using the fat-burning drug, clenbuterol, in pig feed.

The officials found that 52 out of about 1,500 pigs in nine farms tested positive for clenbuterol. More inspections are being planned, the report said. Now officials in provincial food safety are taking action against, pork products containing clenbuterol, entering in to market

Adding clenbuterol to feed can reduce a pig’s body fat to a very thin layer and makes butchered skin pinker, giving the appearance of fresher meat for a longer time. Besides pork, it has also shown up in snake dishes and beef, and people have been hospitalized with stomach pains and diarrhoea.

“The slaughter house may pay them higher prices for pigs that looked leaner,” For this majority of large farms in China were unlikely to use drugs like clenbuterol and that the practice was more common in small farms, of which there are many.

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