Blood donation

Blood donation

A blood donation is when a person voluntarily giving blood, that blood used for transfusions to another patients.
In the world most blood donors are unpaid. Means most of the donors giving blood in a charity level. Blood donors have a very important role the health care system because many of the procedure is related to the blood availability. For example a surgery in this surgery may lose big amount of blood. To replace this blood need blood donors.
Every normal healthy adult male or female, at least 17 year old, males at least 110 lbs, females 150 lbs, can be a blood donor.

Types of blood donors

Volunteer Blood Donors
Replacement Blood Donors
Professional Blood Donors

Types of blood products

Whole Blood donors may donate every 56 days.
Plasma donors may donate twice a week (max. every 48 hours.)
Platelet donors may donate a maximum of 24 times per year.

Don’t give blood

If u took alcohol in last 12 hrs avoid blood donation. Any one given blood in the last 12 weeks avoid blood donation.
If u got any infection cough, sore throat or active cold sore. If you taking antibiotics or you have just finished a course of antibiotic. If you have a infection in that last two weeks.If u affected hepatitis or jaundice in the past 12 months. If u did any tattoo, semi-permanent make up or any cosmetic treatments in the last 6 months this situation please avoid blood donation.
Pregnant ladies, don’t give blood if the lady is pregnant, if you travel abroad in past 6 months.
Never donate blood if u had syphilis,STD , HTVL (Human T – lymphotorpic virus), hepatitis B, hepatitis C.
if some one worked as prostitute any time in there life and those who have sex with prostitutes last 12months please don’t donate blood. If you used ‘drugs’ self injected please avoid blood donation.
If u have any problem with blood disorder like hemophilia or a related blood clotting disorder please avoid blood donation.

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