Body, mind & stress

Body, mind and stress
Body and mind is related, the mind can’t be isolated from body. Physical health of the body closely related to mind. A healthy body have a healthy mind and don’t have stress.
If you are sick, a lot of chemical changes occur in the body. Sick time persons feels fear or stress. Which releases the hormones and various chemicals leading to changes in the physiological processes in the body it leads to worries, anger, and other emotional stress.
Stress leads to heart disease, high blood pressur, peptic ulcer, cancer etc. If a person in more stress have a big chance to get heart attack and greater chance to suffer from heart disease.
Peptic ulcer and other gut problems can be aggravated by excessive mental stress. This leads to intolerance of some foods.
Some people in stress may develop loss of appetite, abdominal distention, gas problems and constipation this all reduce the food intake. If food intake reduced it will affect the health.

Signs and causes of stress

Mental stress may cause a person to have sleepless nights. A person need 8 hours sleep. If there is no sleep it will also effect health. Being impatient or irritable at minor problems.
Unable to concentrate in works, studies due to many things going through your mind. unable to make decisions. More
Drinking or smoking habits. Feeling tense all times.

Discuss the problems with others it’s may be a close friend or a relative. Try to engage with some hobbies. Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, and use of drugs. Do some relaxation techniques like yoga. If you feeling that your stress level going high go to a doctor immediately.

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