Breast Cancer

Signs Of Breast Cancer


Cancer is a deadly disease that you can find all around the world and because a lot of deaths reported related this . There is a lot of reasons for cancer and different types of cancer is reported. one of the main type is breast. brest cancer is the most common which is found in women.

Many women in the world affected by Brest cancer. This is one of the big fear factor of ladies after 45 year. the woman getting older she is more prone, inheritance, early menopause because of a lot of hormonal imbalance.

Most women don’t know the signs of breast cancer. woman should know about this deadly disease which is spreading fast.

A women can check Brest cancer by herself, thru self Brest examination

1. Check the breast for a lump which is apparently the first sign of breast cancer. The lump in the breast is usually like a thick swelling and redness in the area.

2. Check the underarm area is most important area for testing breast cancer. If there is swelling under the arm like a lump that should advisable to see a doctor.

3. Other signs of breast cancer is the change of look on the nipple. any unusual texture or formation on the nipple with discharge, it is best to go in for a test.

4. Other signs of breast cancer which is where the skin will be hot to touch, a rash on the entire breast or near the breast, itchiness or unbearable pain in the breast region or even swelling on the neck.

These are most common signs of breast cancer.

Detecting the cancer in early stage is more effective in treatment

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