Car Airbag Kills 6 Year-Old Girl in Asaba . Never place a baby in a facing seat in the front seat of a car with an active air bag

Chizurum Gloria Emmanuel 6 year old girl was killed on her way back from school when her mother who was driving the car, got involved in an accident. She died because of airbag.


Air bag is a safety device to prevent injury while a motor vehicle accident. Airbag introduced first in Germany 1981, Mercedes-Benz company introduced airbag. Airbag is a occupant restraint system consisting of a flexible fabric envelope or cushion designed to inflate rapidly during an automobile collision. Air bags inflate almost instantly after a crash, often bursting from the dashboard at 200 miles per hour — more than the force of a heavyweight fighter’s knockout punch.

“”The impact can injure or kill children and even adults who are seated too close to the air bag””

Children 12 and under should ride buckled up in a properly installed, age-appropriate rear car seat. Infants in rear-facing child seats (under one year old and weighing less than 20 pounds / 9 kg) should never ride in the front seat of a car that has a passenger-side air bag.
If a child over one year old must ride in the front seat with a passenger-side air bag, he or she should be in a front-facing child safety seat, a booster seat or a properly fitting lap/shoulder belt, and the seat should be moved as far back as possible.


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