image Is a disorder of eye, which means clouding of the lens in the eyes. in the older age groups cataract is normal. cataract can occur in either one or both eyes. Lens is the part of the eye that focus the light to retina. Normally lens of the eye is crystal clear. If the lens is clear sharp images will come in retina. If the lens is cloudy from the cataract the image will be blurred

Symptoms of cataract,

Cloudy or blurring vision
Glare on the lamps, head lights, etc
Poor night vision
Double vision this may be because of the pressure.

Cataract can detected by detailed examination. Dilated eye exam, tonometry, this all investigation can find cataract.

Types of cataract.

secondary cataract:

is cataract will occur related to a disease condition or a secondary factor, this may be a surgery, glaucoma, diabetes, use of steroids

Traumatic cataract :

this is the cataract occur after an injury, this is may be gradual on set. After a injury slowly, slowly the vision will blurred.

Radiational cataract

this is related to eye exposing some radiation. Eg prolonged sunlight, UV light etc

The cataract is commonly seen in age related. The older age groups are more affected. Diabetes is the another reason. Smoking and prolonged use of alcoholism can cause cataract. In the environment prolonged exposure to sunlight can also case cataract.

How to protect from cataract
Ware sunglasses to protect from ultraviolet rays and sunlight. Avoid smoking, alcoholism, take good nutritional food.
In the later stage surgery is only the treatment.

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