chocolate is good for health

chocolate is good for health


Chocolate is good for health studies says that. chocolate may help prevent cancer and heart disease. In chocolate higher cocoa content that helps health benefits. Research conducted by scientist from Holland’s National Institute of Public Health and Environment shows that chocolates contain antioxidants called Catechins and Phenols. These antioxidants could prevent heart diseases and cancer.
Chocolate trial on heart patients, Older women who eat dark chocolate once or twice a week could be lowering their risk of heart failure. The researchers found that dark chocolate had 53.5 mg of catechins per 100 gm, milk chocolate contains 15.9 mg per 100 gm, and the black tea contains 13.9 mg per 100 ml.  But those who ate chocolate every day did not appear to reduce their risk of heart failure at all. Large quantities chocolate will increase the risk of obesity.

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