Deafness in children can be treated if early detected.


Many of the children are born deaf due to genetic is less possible to identify it that in many hospitals they have a hear testing before the discharging .if it is not it has to be taken before the child is 4 week can be also without any family history too. Before the baby is born, if the mother catches chicken pox, rubella or herpes there is a chance of getting the higher risk .after post natal when born prematurely with any complications like lack of oxygen consumption or any infection cans a baby prone to hearing loss. Ototoxic drugs used for the any infections can be a cause.

OAE TEST is used at hospitals for the new-born. if it is not passed then hearing aid is used at the age below 1 year old children. If at all these test are again not gone through next stage is the surgery called cochlear implantation. this is attached to the ear via electrode. From the electrode the signals passed to the brain. if it is early detected we can treat before he/she is in school age. This implanting cost is very expensive, cost around 6 lakhs .government had given the helping hand to the disabled ones to implant the hearind aid at an affordable cost. After placing this aid you need to consult the audiologist ,speech therapist to train for the vocabulary and hearing.

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