Vitamin B Complex And Depression

Less Vitamin B complex leads to Depression

A Good Vitamin Supplement Gives good health. But some times vitamin deficiency leads to a lot of health probloms.There are a variety of vitamin deficiencies that can lead to depression symptoms. Insufficient vitamin B complex are mood changes, insomnia, changes in appetite, sugar carving and impaired drug metabolism. As a group, the B vitamins plays an important role both in alleviating depression and in relieving the anxiety and restlessness which often accompanies it.
Vitamin B1 is essential for nerve stimulation and for metabolism of carbohydrates to give brain energy as well as body energy. Deficiency symptoms include mood disorders, anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, night terror etc.
Vitamin B2 its deficiency leading Depression Although this vitamin itself has not generally associate with emotional states, researchers find that diets restricted only in riboflavin produce adverse personality changes, including aggressive personality alterations.
Vitamin B3 deficiency has been associated with depression ans anxiety. It helps in irritability and other mental disturbances.
Vitamin B5, Vitamin B5 is active in the formation of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which can be involved in some depression. A deficiency can caues depression, fatigue and allergies. Vitamin B6 has a major importance in regulating your mood disorders and is the most implicated of all the vitamins in the cause and treatment od depression.
Vitamin B12 and its deficiency leading depression The mental changes caused by deficiency of Vitamin B12 can raise from difficulty in concentrating or remembering, mental fatigue and low moods, to a severe depression, intense agitation etc.

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