Diabetes Vaccine

Diabetes Vaccine


Iranian scientists have succeeded in producing the world’s first oral vaccine from stinging nettles (Urtica dioica) to fight diabetes and high blood sugar levels. He started the project 15 years ago in Tehran University of Medical Sciences for my diabetic nephew who was forced to inject insulin on a daily basis, ” Masoud Shabani Domola, the lead researcher. He went on to say that a peptide cycle found in Urtica dioica improves the entrance of blood sugar into the cells, a process which is believed to be impaired in diabetic patients.

He added that the drug has successfully finished its trials and is expected to enter the market by next year. He stressed that the new oral drug is preferred to the injectable insulin as its use is pain free. Urtica dioica, a herbaceous perennial flowering plant also known as stinging nettles, had long been known for its numerous medical properties. The herb is reported to be effective in treating prostate disorders, respiratory problems, stomach Catarrh and anaemia. The high content of secretion in the plant has turned Urtica dioica into an effective herb for treating various gastrointestinal-related conditions.

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