Donate Your Eyes


“Donate your eyes” this campaign is there in the world wide, in india also this campaign is going on. But how many is willing to give there eyes, a few.
The main reasons are, lack of awareness in public, second is improper development of infrastructure in villages, third absence of motivation from trained personals, and religious values.
All of them can donate eyes
Poor eyesight, wear glasses, diabetic, hypertensive, no age limit, this all can give there eyes.

Here I can show you, a small scenario
You will understand,

In India’s Total Population 118 Crores.
Daily Death – 62389
Daily Birth – 86853
Total Blinds – 682497

If Daily Dead People Donate their Eyes, within 11 Days all Blinds will be able to See. Then in India there will be NO Blinds. KINDNESS Costs NOTHING.

Donate your eyes, some one can see the world after you! So make a decision now,

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  1. Chandni khan says:

    It’s a very good thing for every person who donate their eyes for others i wanna appreciate all them .subhan allha their thoughts.

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