DR. GEORGE JOHN Specialist Orthopaedic / Sports Medicine Surgeon

Founder & Chairman GJ Sports FZ LLC

Managing Partner & Managing Director IMH
Specialist Orthopedic
Sports medicine surgeon





MBBS; DIP (Ortho); MCh (Ortho); MS (Sports Med) UK; FRSM (Sports Med) RCSI

Specialist Orthopaedic/Sports Medicine Surgeon
International Modern Hospital
P O Box 121735, Dubai, UAE
Tel. : +971 4 3988888
FAX : +971 4 3988444
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The world of sport glitters with passion of champions. Achievers who dedicate their lives to being the best at what they are. Men and women who push their potential to the limit in the pursuit of perfection. While Dr George John may not be a competitor, his passion for the pinnacle of excellence is the same as the champions he cares for. Today, Dr John is one of the most acclaimed practitioners of sports medicine in the world and a true champion of his discipline.
Driven by a vision to create world-class institutions, Dr John is now a Managing Partner at International Modern Hospital. Leading by example, he aims to offer the finest care and services to patients from around the world.


A globally-renowned clinician, Dr John has perfected his professional expertise over 15 years of clinical experience in India, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Portugal, Yemen and the UAE. After finishing his MBBS and MS (Orthopaedics) in India, Dr John, who is also a Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland completed his advanced training in Sports Medicine at Nottingham, England.
Over the years, Dr John has had the distinction of working with some of the finest hospitals the world over, including the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham. A true healthcare visionary, he stays abreast with the latest developments in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine in his mission to help people live, work and play healthy.


Roger Federer, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Serena Williams and Ben Gollings are just some of the few world-famous sports celebrities who Dr John has treated. He has been the Football Doctor for Manchester United apart from being Consultant and Tournament Doctor for ATP/WTA events and the FIFA World Cup 2010.
Dr John has also been the consultant for almost all major sporting events held in the UAE including the Dubai Tennis Championships and the Rugby Sevens World Cup, to name a few. He is also the consultant and doctor for 18 sports clubs in the country and the UAE national rugby team.


The team from Wales were rank outsiders at the 2009 Dubai Rugby World Cup Sevens. And to make matters worse, their star player was injured and needed surgery bang in the middle of the tournament. Enter Dr George John who used all his skill to not just successfully complete the operation, but also have the player back on the pitch. Within 3 days the player went from the operating table to the rugby pitch.
The team went on to win their first ever world cup title and celebrated their historic win by carrying Dr John on their shoulders for a victory lap around the stadium. This moment is shown on the adjacent page. Dr John has also had the privilege of working with champion rugby teams from English,South African and the rest of the world at various events.


In the course of his illustrious career he has received many accolades namely Best Outgoing Orthopaedic Surgeon from Manipal hospital and the Prestigious Nottingham Fellowship Award in the year 2000.

Since taking over as Managing Partner at International Modern Hospital, Dr John has begun putting together a team of the finest doctors across multiple disciplines. A relentless perfectionist, Dr John aims to make IMH one of the premier healthcare service providers in the region.
As the founder of SportsFit Healthclub, he has provided sporstmen from around the world, a state-of-the-art destination for treatment and rehabilitation. Like the winners that come to its doors, SporstFit too has set the highest standards of excellence for itself.
Dr George John has specialized in Minimally Invasive Arthroscopic Surgery. He has performed more than 3000 surgeries, especially with ACL reconstruction surgery of knee and more than 1000 surgeries with special emphasis on double bundle reconstruction surgery. Dr John’s reputation as a sports and rehab professional has made him the preferred consultant for the top tennis players who come to Dubai. Over the years he has become an integral part of the Dubai Tennis Championships.
Besides sports, Dr John has also been associated with various events like the Fashion Week. He was also on consultation duty when Tom Cruise shot his Mission Impossible franchise in Dubai and hung from the side of Burj Khalifa.
Nick Peters had trained for a year to take part in Marathon de Sables a gruelling 250-km foot race to raise money for a charity for abused children. However, misfortune struck when he tore his knee cartilage a month before the race, putting his participation in serious doubt. He met with Dr George John who diagnosed that Mr Peters had torn the menisci that are cartilage acting like shock absorbers in the knee joint.
The marathon was scheduled from Aril 3rd to 9th, 2011 and Dr John recommended immediate surgery followed by aggressive rehabilitation. An expert at minimal invasive surgery, Dr John performed the surgery on March 8th and following rehabilitation under his supervision, Mr Peters completed the marathon with “no trouble” from his knee.


Dr John works closely with leading exponents of sports medicine from across the world and constantly updates himself with the latest breakthroughs in treatment and rehabilitation. In close assocation with Dr. Willem van der Merwe, President of South African Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (seen on the adjacent page), Dr John helped pioneer a new kind of training bike from Grucox, called the Eccentric Exercise Bike. Based on eccentric training, the bike is designed to reduce stress on joints during exercise. The method involves the strengthening of the muscle by means of progressive loading while the muscle is lengthening.
Dr John continues to collaborate with doctors and biomechanics to develop innovative solutions to address the concerns of sportspersons from around the world.


In the course of his distinguished career, Dr John has attended several international conferences and presented several papers including the following:
International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery, and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Congress at Osaka, Japan 2009

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