Eye donation is not at all a complicated procedure as we think. The entire eye s not transplanted only cornea is transplanted. cornea is the clear,transparent structure infront of black portion of eye. When light rays from an object enter the eye cornea converges it& focus on the retina thus we will see it.
Eye donation do not have an age limit.A trained professional will perform it. First of all pledging of eyes by the donor should be there but not so important but a consent should be there from the deadperson’s nearest relative.The eyes need to be collected within 6hrs after the death. Inform the eye bank at the earliest. What we can do at this time is to cover both eyes with a moist cotton,switchoff the overhead fans,raise headend of body about 6 inches to reduce bleeding during removal.
In corneal transplantation operation that replaces opaque cornea with a clear cornea from the donor. Opaque cornea may be due to infections,injuries etc.At the eyebank the donor corneas undergo some procedures like slit lamp examination,serology examination&specular microscopic evaluation.The eye bank team will remove cornea from the eyeball&preserved in special storage solutions &it will be healthy for 14 days.Good quality corneas are selected &is then transplanted.Rest of eye is used for therapeutic use,research & education. The details of the donor will be kept anonymous.
Let us pledge to gift the sight to deserved ones.

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  1. Jijos says:

    We were going to donate something….
    This puts a personal touch on it…..!!
    Let them see what they hear. Donate your eyes….!!
    Count me inn….

  2. Chandni khan says:

    It’s a really good thought that if u donate your eyes for other just because of u other one can see the world by you . Subhan allah ….

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