Fat weighs less then muscle. This is really important to know because it’s one of the leading causes of demotivation.

When you have a cruel workout routine, your general expectations are to lose weight; not gain it.But then, after about a week or two, you step on the scale and it reads “heavier then last week”. This proves to you that working out isn’t your thing, then you proceed to blame your genes.Actually, it’s good that you are gaining weight. Because if you have a controlled diet, it means that you are building muscles. This process maybe accompanied by some soreness in your thighs and hips.Building muscle is never a bad thing. You want to lose weight? Let me tell you that you don’t. You want to burn fat.And, to burn fat, the most effective way to do it, is by building more muscles.Muscles consume more energy per pound over fat, they improve your health and wellbeing and they improve metabolism.Build more muscles,

you will see results visually not on a scale.

HIIT training or High-intensity interval training

HIIT is comprised of bursts of power followed by shorter periods of rest. It might be hard to understand, it took me a while too. But I’ll explain this through an example:

A runner who is training using HIIT would not run at a consistent speed for one mile. Instead, he would start with:

15 second jog, followed by;

25 second sprint, followed by;

15 second jog (resting period), followed by;

25 second sprint.

This alternation between high intensity sprinting and low intensity jogging is called HIIT. By using this method to train, I can promise you that it will cause more sweat to drip then jogging for 10 miles.Interestingly, HIIT not only loses more calories sourced from your fat storage, but also increases your metabolism so you burn more fat throughout the day. Even when you’re not out at the gym.

The trick with HIIT is to reach between 80 to 90% of your VO2 max.

For the non-scientists within us, VO2 max is fancy word, basically defining your maximum possible effort (Its actually the maximum amount of oxygen you can intake). So, 80 to 90% VO2 suggests that during those 25 seconds of sprint, you should be sprinting to 80 to 90% of your maximum speed(If you don’t understand, leave a comment and I will talk about it in more detail).

HIIT is scientifically; magical. It’s sister interval training is LIIT (low intensity interval training), which is (using the jogger as an example again)jogging for 25 seconds and sprinting for 15. It doesn’t include have the same benefits as HIIT, but it may be a good starting point.

Now, this is one of the more enjoyable tips that I learnt through the power of internet a couple of years ago. I can hear you screaming, what is it!


My point is, visualization improves overall performance in anything. Social interaction, sports or day-to-day life. From walking up to the girl you’ve fancied since kinder-garden to making that last shot in a game football. Visualization takes no time, and no effort. Try it.

Visualize yourself practicing HIIT. Visualize yourself lifting heavy weights. Visualize yourself building muscle, losing fat. Visualize yourself 2 weeks from now, 4 weeks, 3 months or a year.

Not only will motivate you to train harder, but science backs you. Visualization is an art in my opinion and it should be taught in schools. It’s effect to effort ratio is outstanding and is a transferable skill in all aspects of life.

Nutrients and food

Too many people going to the gym, don’t actually know the basics of their biology and food. So, what happens is that they do a cruel workout, burn sweat that fills an ocean, but come home to treat themselves to a scrumptious cake as a reward.

That’s it. Your whole entire workout, null. By knowing and understanding the content of the cake, you’ll realize that although the calorie content is low (because this cake is a diet-cake so it’s okay), other contents inside it are damn right contagious for your health.

Same with your workouts. You’ll learn about why runners Hit the wall in marathons. You can then overcome that because you know what causes it in the first place. You will learn which muscles are which. What muscle does what.

Learn about bone structure. Muscle maintenance. Muscle retention. HIIT, LIIT. Food content. Types of Fat.

Trust me, when you start going to the gym and begin to consider yourself a ‘local’; you will start using nutrients, powders and pills of all shapes and sizes.

It is really important that you know the function of these nutrients, amino-acids, proteins and synthetics in the human body. Learn about the best time to take it. Learn about the side effects, user reviews and everything in between.

You won’t regret it. This may come as a overwhelming. I know, there are billions of pages out there on google devoted to teach basic human biology and food content. But once you take that first step, and type in Google: “Amino-Acid” for example, you will become an addict. You will start to find all sorts of interesting facts, tips and skills that you’ll incorporate in your day to day life.



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