Electrolarynx is an electrical device which is help to reproduce speech instead of larynx. patients who have cancer or other disease conditions which leads to removal of the larynx. This speech assistance device helps people communicate in a way which is comfortable and familiar. There is a lot of medical devices and a lot of companies making electrolarynx products which is several different configurations to meet different needs of the patients.

The history of mechanical larynx was developed in the 1920s by Western Electric but this is not electric, and it produced a weak voice only. the electrolarynx, were introduced in the 1940s, at a time when oesophageal voice was being promoted as the best course in speech recovery. After that a lot of changes is there and different companies making this machine.
The electrolarynx is a hand-held device about the size of a small electric shaver that has a vibrating plastic diaphragm. In order to speak, the end of the electrolarynx is placed against the neck and a small button in pushed. This causes the diaphragm to vibrate and produces a vibration in the throat that duplicates the vibration of the vocal cords. The speaker than articulates with the tongue, palate, throat and lips as usual.
Some people require practice in placing the electrolarynx in just the right spot on the neck in order to produce good speech. A good Practice is needed for speech. The speech from an electrolarynx has a mechanical sound but can be very clear and easily understood. The speech, when done properly, is also easily understandable over a telephone too.



1. Easily understood.
2. No special care requirements are needed.
3. The electrolarynx can be used by almost every one who have problem with larynx


1. The electrolarynx has a very mechanical tone that does not sound natural. There is change in pitch       or  modulation.
2. One must have good hand control to use an electrolarynx.

How to Use Electrolarynx Click Here

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