Food after your exercise is not a good practice


Food after your exercise is not a good practice. People who are overwieght should’nt eat the food immediately after your exercise. If tired only you need to have salads or any vegetable juice. After 30-45 minutes only you need to hav the food, otherwise what happens is that what we have now and our morning foods will be absorbed by our body and thus it can cause to put on weight. For those who are slim body should eat thier food after your exercise. Because at that time the food is absorbed very well to our body and they should eat 4-5 times in a day and mind not to eat as much as food at a time.

Over wieght people have to eat thier lunch in a minimum quantity with plus fiborous and leafy vegetables. These should must be incoporated in our daily diet. So that our fats can be removed very fast.

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