Girl eating soap and washing powder

Girl eating soap and washing powder


Florida :    You can ever imagine this. Yes there is 19 year old girl she want to eat soap and washing powder. She is addicted to eating soap and can go through five bars a week. She is saying that I remember the first time I dipped my fingers into the washing powder and tasted the powder onto my tongue and it feels sweet, and salty, just felt so right. I was hooked straight away.

Doctors and medical people advice her to eating soap is too dangerous. she ignored the warning labels on the box in favour of licking the deadly powder daily, from the minute she woke up in the morning. Soon she had moved onto licking the bubbles of soap in the shower, too.

Doctors have diagnosed That she with a rare disorder called PICA, characterised by an appetite for substances that are  non-nutritive. PICA sufferers have been known to compulsively eat metal, coins, chalk, batteries and even toothbrushes. It can often be caused by a mineral deficiency, which explains why pregnant women often crave eating coal when needing iron. In this case doctors believed the condition was bought on by stress.
The main problems is related to the substances in soap, the toxins that can damage metabolism, cause digestive problems and acid-base balance of the blood. Now she admitted that she know the seriousness and she stops eating her favourite items!!!!!

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