Imitinef Mercilet Medicine for Blood Cancer. “Adyar Cancer Institute is distributing This Medicine Free “, This News Spreading Thru Social Media is it true ?

I know that most of all hear about this Free Medicine Imitinef Mercilet for Blood Cancer is available in Adyar Cancer Institute. Only the Part of this message is true. The medicine Imitinef is available free for only qualified persons and not for all. This medicine is Free of charge for only selected peoples (Those who passed the criteria of Cancer Institute) and should admitted in the hospital for treatment.

Adyar Cancer Institute itself they cleared this. This is the secular ( given below in red letters ) from the hospital about this news.

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imitinef mercilet fake news

imitinef mercilet news




‘’ It has been noticed that an information is being circulated through the internet as ” Emails and as Facebook ” posts regarding the availability of a certain medicine called ‘Imitinef mercilet’at the Cancer Institute, Adyar, Chennai. The message also often makes the statement about this drug curing all blood cancers and it being offered free of charge at the Cancer Institute. We want to make it clear that this is a misleading message being circulated. We believe that the drug name mentioned is a distortion of the drug called ‘imatinib mesylate’ which is a drug used to treat a type of blood cancer called ‘chronic myeloid leukemia’. This drug is available all over India and is being prescribed at all Cancer Centres and is not exclusive to the Cancer Institute, Adyar, Chennai. The drug support programme is also active in all major cancer centres in the country.

Hence people who come across the misleading message via internet are requested not to circulate it.’’

 Adyar Cancer Institute is a cancer specialty hospital situated in the city of Chennai, India; founded by Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy on June 18, 1954 on the Land donated by Mr. S. K. Puniyakoti Mudaliar. The institute has been rated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the Top Ranking Centre in the country




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40 Responses

  1. mehshar says:

    thats vry gud of them

  2. kumar vikash says:

    please required a medicine urgently .my grandma ingage for chronic lymphatic leukemia (blood cancer) it so help me sir

  3. Malcolm says:

    Dear Sir, I have been tested positive for chronic lymphatic leukemia (blood cancer). Can I get some help from your side. I am a male and 52 years old.

  4. Rajesh saini says:

    Dear Sir, I have been tested positive for chronic myeloid leukemia (blood cancer). Can I get some help from your side. I am a male and 33 years old. i am taken treatment last one year from PGI ROHTAK Haryana
    and i am take regularly one tablet imatinib 400 one tablet per day . feb_13 i am doing test BCR ABL in this test report status is 84.4% then after 6 month i am doing this test again (sep_14) in this test report status 7.84% . doctor says you take this tablet regularly . so plz give me some guidelines for this

    • Abhinav Sharma says:

      Are you fine after 6 months of treatment. How i feeling. ?
      Actually,my best friend recently got diagnosed with CML. he is in PGI chandigarh for treatment. I need any advice from you that can help him.

  5. Nasihatkhan says:

    Hi my name NASIHAT khan and my grand daughter she is four year old befor one week she was ill right but last two day she looking like lazy so we are go to doctors for checkup he take same test and now today he say she have blood cencer pls advise me help me what I have to do ? This is my mail add [email protected] and phone 00819828748868 we r from RAJSTHAN NAGOUR pls.

  6. Molly Adhiambo says:

    My friend has been admitted twice with leukemia at Nairobi Hospital and Kenyatta Hospital Kenya. The situation gets worse call the time. What’s the advise from Adyar Cancer Institute – Chennai?
    Adhiambo, Kenya

  7. manikandan says:

    Sir my sister attak blood cancer pleace give me tablet sir

  8. mevis kuruvitage says:

    Hi, I am from Sri Lanka. My brother is diagnosed with NON HODGKIN’S LYMPHOMA. We heard about this new drug for blood cancer. Please advice.

  9. neeruta says:

    Great to come across the real infilormation regarding the medicine, against the misleading forwards!!

  10. Sam says:

    Dose is cure AML

  11. md ejaz uddin says:

    Hello sir iam from Telangana and my dad is suffering with MM if any body know about free medecin help please contact me,please

    • hello sir i m aaskaran charan from jodhpur raj …my jiju age 36year old blood cancer…plz help me and please give me tablets…my contect no. 08094967200…plzzzzz sir help

  12. arunkumar says:

    Sir my uncle suffered multiple myloma her condition is final stage so any suggestions to reply me sir

  13. vijay says:

    Hollo sir ,
    My brother has mylodisplesia can you guide me sir. He is 38yrs old

  14. amit says:

    hello sir… my brother is suffering with aplastic anemia …plzzzz help me sir

  15. Amit kumar says:

    Please requried a medicine urgently my mom ingage for. ALL daignost (blood cancer ) it so help me sir urgent 8528142545 i live from ludhiana (punjab)

  16. Akbar shaikh says:

    Hello sir my name akbar shaikh I am from karnaraka hubli my brother is sefring from blood cancer acute myeloblastic leukemia -mo plz tell me which medicine we take my no is 9036450442

  17. manika thapa says:

    Dear, sir my father have been tested positive for chornic leukemia ( blood cancer). Since from 3years can I get some help from your side.He is 55year old.

  18. manika thapa says:

    Dear Sir I am from Darjeeling and my father is suffering from blood cancer since from 3years .He is 55years can I get some help from your institute.

  19. N sunil says:

    Please required for medicine urgent sir my father is a blood cancer please give me ya taplet thank you

  20. hello sir i m aaskaran charan from jodhpur raj …my jiju age 36year old blood cancer…plz help me and please give me tablets…my contect no. 08094967200…plzzzzz sir help

  21. Karthik perumal says:

    Does it cure AML type ???

  22. deep sondhi says:

    Dear sir my cozn 13 year old suffrng from blood cancer hamne uska ilaag PGI chandigarh se karwaya tha sab normal ho gya tha lekin abhi dobata ho gya h or doctors ne one month ka bola h so plz sir i want your help save him sir my contact 7357146508

  23. K.CHIDAMBARAM says:

    Dear sir my father 63 year old suffering from blood cancer acute leukaemia
    which tablet is suitable for acute leukaemia kindly suggess

    bone marrow study report – AML

  24. senthil kumar says:

    sir,my name is senthil kumar my wife she is mouth cancer please help me sir.8056272707

  25. Aslam says:

    All cancers can be cured by easy method. Johanna Budwig Protocol. Google yourself and do it

  26. pasupathy says:

    Sir\madam…. my uncle is affected due to cancer…we came to know for the past 1 month… we dont knw wt to do for tat….dear sir/madam pls give some idea…and we need free medicine so for that what we want to do kindly help us

  27. omsaitech says:

    This medicine is available free for only qualified persons and not for all. This medicine is free of charge for only selected people such as to them who have passed the criteria of cancer institute and should be admitted to the hospital for treatment.

  28. Bala Sai kumari says:

    Sir I am from andhra Pradesh I am bala sai kumari suffering from this blood cancer plz help me my age 21 is this medicine can cure me r not plz help me sir

  29. Guru says:

    Dr. Joshi,
    Bangalore, They are selling simarouba, aurvedic medicine, which helps to cure all type of cancers.

  30. sohodeva says:

    I want to know something about ‘imatinib mesylate’ – it can cure ‘acute myeloid leukemia’ or not? Ur advise plz.

  31. Subhash says:

    Bones k cancer m use kr skte h kya

  32. sowmiya says:

    what is the medicine to provide the blood cancer for free?

  33. nizam says:

    hai sar my name is nizam
    my mather is cancer tha stomach back sid
    give me madican pleeeeez help me
    my email id [email protected]

  1. February 22, 2016

    What is the truth behind the claim that imitinef mercilet treats blood cancer?

    It treats only a particular type of blood cancer in particular stage. It’s a fake news spreading around in social media that it can cure all type of cancer. Please confirm any news that come in social media( this doesn’t apply to qoura). You can refe…

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