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This is one of the great moment for the Nurses in the Indian history, that is INA ( Indian Nurses Association) Launched today as a TRADE UNION ( Reg No : 13/01 – 2012 ) and officially declared in at cochin. We appreciate to all the brave hearts for their kind heart and true nursing spirit. Special thanks to the people who coordinated the discussions and tried to Unify the Nursing Associations. This moment is an everlasting dream of all nurses, We nurses have only one demand, Only one aim, If we separate in different associations, we cannot fulfill our dreams, So there are some people who had put their great effort to unify all the Nursing Associations. There are six meetings conducted with in the last one and a half months. This Unanimous meeting invited all the main Nursing Associations in kerala and other north Indian states, Majority of the people attended the meeting, rest of the people reluctant to attend the meeting. But Still INA door is opened for all the Nursing Associations who have true Nursing spirit.

INA Is a non Political trade union. INA will accept all political party support. All other associations support. But INA cannot be controlled by any politics.
I feel that, If a person think that, We need Unity for all nurses north to south and east to west, He/She definitely support this movement. we feel that the nurses spread to different associations, due to some reasons. So we should set an aim to unify all the nursing associations in india under a single umbrella. So, today onwards the given nursing associations, SNAK ( Staff Nurses Association Of Kerala ), AIPNA ( All India Private Nurses Association ), UNA-India MH ( United Nurses Association Of India- Maharastra State ) UNA Pravasi Units will be considered as a Single unity. So, Here onwards all the units in all the above said nursing associations will be under Indian Nurses Association ( INA ). So, I am officially declaring the post of all members in INA.

Ret Supreme Court Chief JUSTICE V.R.KRISHNAYYAR.

Mr : Liju Vengal ( All India President )
Mr : Prejith KrishnanKutty ( All India General Secretary )
Mr : Jinu Varghese ( Acting General Secretary )
Mr : Mohammed Shihab ( Vice President )
Mr : Shinoj Poyyanadan ( Vice President )
Mr : Vineeth ( Secretary )
Mr : Melvin Mathew Thekkilakadan ( Secretary )
Mr : Anu Jacob ( National Treasurer )

NATIONAL EXECUTIVE HONORARY MEMBERS includes, all the below members
Mr : Eldho Kurian ( INA International marketing Head )
Mr : Jijo Scaria ( INA International marketing coordinator )
Mr : Sandheep Saraswathy ( INA International marketing & Website controller )
Mr : Sobir Abdul Ravoof ( INA Social media Controller )
Mr : Shuhaib ( INA Social Media Controllor )
Mr : Sharon Mullukkan ( INA Social Media Controllor )
Mr : Prince Varghese ( INA International Coordinator )
Mr : Justin Paul ( INA International Coordinator )
Ms : Ansu Mariam John ( INA Nurses Quality Promoter )

Mr : Akash Rudalt ( Sate President )
Mr : Justin Thomas ( State gen – Secretary )
Mr : Prince, ( Sate Vice President )

Mr : Renjish ( State President )
Mrs Jiny P.J (State Gen- Secretary )
Mrs Sheethal Kakoor ( Treasurer )

Mr : Renjith ( State President )
Mr : Jubin John. ( State Gen- Secretary )
Mr : Jubin ( State Vice – pres ident )

Mr : Riju Poykayil ( State President )
Ms : Sanjana Joseph ( State General Secretary )
Mr : Jeffin Roy Kurian ( State Secretary )
Mr : Sandheep Thottathil ( State Vice President )

Mr : Sulakshana ( State President ),
Mr ; Ruby chacko ( State Gen- Secretary )
Mr : Aneesh ( State Vice president )

Ms : Cristy Kora ( State President )
Mr : Sarath babu ( State General Secretary )
Ms : Anupama ( State Vice president )

Mr : Abhilal Nair ( State President )
Mr : Mohammed Shihab ( State General Secretary )
Mr : Liju ( Vice- President )
Ms : Jessy ( Vice- President )
Mr : Jibin Boban ( Vice- President )
Mr : Jomy Jacob ( Vice- President )
Mr : Sijo ( Secretary )
Mr : Haris Mohammed ( Secretary )
Mr : Shiraf ( Secretary )
Ms : Arya Mohan ( Secretary )
Mr : Sreenath ( Tresurer )

We are welcoming all nursing associations who like to move as a single unity. INA door is open for all, We can discuss, we can find solutions, Our ultimate aim should be a a Unanimous unity for Nurses.

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