Iron strengthen your health

Iron strengthen your health


Iron is a essential trace mineral that vital to human nutrition. If no iron there would be no haemoglobin in the blood. iron is vital part in the production and performance of haemoglobin. which Haemoglobin gives red corpuscles their colour. Haemoglobin is carries oxygen to all parts of the body. If iron is not there in blood in sufficient amount, insufficient supply of oxygen will occur haemoglobin will produce sensations of fatigue, headaches and shortness of breath.
Men have a reserve of iron stored in their body that could last 3 years, For women because of the menstrual cycle, they need more amount than man, and need higher amount of iron pregnant women. Vitamin C doubles the amount of iron in the body. add a glass of tomato or orange or grapefruit juice to every meal, tea reduces the amount of iron absorbed by 50% and coffee by about 39%.

functions of iron

  • Iron is essential for good health main roles are Carrying oxygen around the body, haemoglobin carries oxygen from your lungs throughout the body.
  • Ensuring a healthy immune system. The cells fighting infection and defending the body against foreign organisms depend on plenty of iron. So if your iron is low your body is more chance to get infection.
  • Making energy. Iron is essential in the chemical reactions that produce energy from iron rich foods.

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