Liv Power Extra Product From Kunnath Pharmaceuticals -Musli power family

This is a ayurvedic medicine, Useful in Detoxification of the Liver . An effective therapeutic formulation having blood spectrum medicinal and supplementary virtues.

Helps in detoxification of the liver. Liv Power Xtra is an ideal, safe, effective, non-hormonal, proprietary traditional (Ayurvedic) Potent Therapeutic formulation having broad spectrum medicinal and supplementary virtues and efficacy, acts as prophylaxis and aids in control of liver ailments.


Advantages of liv Power Extra

• Liv Power Extra Helps to maintain healthy liver function.

• Improves body metabolism.

• Helps to burn fat.

•  Controls Cirrhosis of liver.

•Beneficial to alcoholics and fast food consumes.

• Liv Power Extra Works as an anto-oxidant.

Dosage of Liv Power Extra

The specially chosen herbs have detoxifying effect on substances which pass through liver.
Liv Power Extra helps in keeping healthy liver which work in harmony with other body functions enabling a smooth metabolic process.

Dosage & Course

2 capsules twice daily.

Side Effects of Liv Power Extra

No special side effects noted with this product. The constants are Ayurvedic ( from plant origin )


Drug Interactions

No drug interaction noticed for
Liv Power Extra, hence can be taken with other medications.

Presentation of Liv Power Extra

Liv Power Extra coms in Bottle. 90’s Capsules in a bottle

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