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          This unique formulation of ingredients consists of the highest quality extracts from world’s most exotic and potent herbs. This 100% natural sex enhancer is one of a kind in its extraordinary effectiveness. It helps to increase one’s libido (sexual desire) and works as a powerful stimulant for both sexes.

Common Name

         Indian Spider Plant / Safed Musli

Sanskrit Name


Actions according to Ayurveda

        Vrushya:     Safed Musali rejuvenates the genital system so when a fellow is taking Safed Musali; he can enjoy his sexual life like a young fellow even in old age.

        Pushtiprada:     Safed Musali nourishes all the parts of the body.

        Balaprada:      Safed Musali increases the strength of the body.

        Shramahara:      Safed Musali refreshes the body and alleviates fatigue.

Medicinal value related research

              Safed musli is a very popular aphrodisiac agent, with no side effects. It is often prescribed for enhancing male potency and overcoming signs of fatigue. It is particularly used for individuals with low sperm count and low libido. It is also regarded as an energy booster in asthmatic conditions. Tubers are also used to strengthen the general immune system of the body.
             The tubers of the plant have been used since ancient times, to prepare nutritive tonic for sexual weakness and is used in Ayurvedic medicines even today. Safed musli proves useful as a nutritive tonic for both the mother and the fetus, during pregnancy and is also used to replenish the body fluids during the post-partum stage. It improves the quantity and flow of breast milk, in feeding mothers. It has many health promotional benefits. It is used to control and prevent obesity and its side effects.
             The activities of vitamin C and antioxidant enzymes are also enhanced by the use of this plant species. Research has indicated that the plant species is used for curing diabetes and arthritic conditions. Safed musli is also beneficial in the treatment of natal and postnatal problems. Its regular use causes increase in the level of High Density Lipoprotein (HDL or good cholesterol) and decrease in the plasma and hepatic lipid profiles.
Apart from rejuvenating the reproductive system, it prevents premature ejaculation and is also used in chronic leucorrhoea.
            The researchers wanted to see if they could show the effect in male rats. The animals were given water extracts of Safed Musali, and alcohol extracts of Shatavariand Kali Musali, orally. The experiment lasted thirty days. The rats were given a daily dose of 200 mg of extract per kilogram bodyweight. The rats’ weight increased, as a result of both the testosterone and the extracts. At the end of the four weeks the researchers measured the amount of glycogen in the muscles of the test animals. To their surprise they discovered that the animals that had eaten more fat and had a considerably higher glycogen level than the animals in the other diet groups. The testes of the rats that were given the plant extracts also increased in weight as did the testes of the rats that were given testosterone injections. After all, the extracts also had a growth enhancing effect on the prostate, a marker for androgenic effects. The researchers also brought the rats in contact with females and monitored their sexual behaviour. The extract stimulated the animals’ mating behaviour. Animal study to find out the androgenic and anabolic effects of Safed Musali; Dr. H. S. Gour University India.

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