New Face For Indian Nurses Under The Roof Of UNA ( United Nurses Association )


United Nurses Association

Nursing as a profession

Nursing is not simply focus to some specific skills or an individual nurse is not simply a person act like a memorized robot. Nursing is pivotal healthcare profession, Nurses are the frontline healthcare providers. The citizen in India who has been terminally ill & hospitalized must experience the nursing care. To put it in a nutshell, “ Everybody needs a nurse ”

Professional Slavery in India

The life of a nurse and the professional value of a nurse is very pathetic across the nation. Today, the professional nurses are working in Indian hospitals as low as as slaves. The nurses don’t have any facilities inside the private hospitals. The nurses are working as “Bonded Trapped Slavery Labour “. Salary less than Rs.5000/month , No PF, No ESI or Health Insurance, An ill nurse won’t get any free medicine inside the hospital, No immunizations, Working under Bonded labour, The hospital management forcefully hold the professional certificates of the nurse. Daily 12 to 18 hours duty. The nurse has to monitor 30 patients daily instead of three patients as per rule. Here a nurse is fully trapped here. This is more than enough for the hospital management to make a nurse as non-talkative dancing doll..

Role Of UNA.

The civil war “Nurses Springs” stimulated a new face for Indian nurses under the roof of UNA ( United Nurses Association ) which is born in NOV 2011. With Reg No :R 751/11. UNA started their units in 94 private hospitals across the kerala state with in a short time of 50 days. Now Jan 2012 UNA Flourished to the local and international level with the total strength of 60,000 registered members.. Now UNA have branches

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3 Responses

  1. Anil says:

    Wake up wake up! open the eyes,see.. we are not slaves. Work hard and prove our power and identity..we wand good salary

  2. bobby joseph says:

    keep this going guys,we all the malayalee nurses across the world r with u.

  3. PRABIN says:

    We will fight together until our demands are agreed or until we gain an outstanding position in the society

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