NURSE has been jailed for revealing confidential health information about a current patient


This happened in accident and emergency department of the La Ribera district hospital in Alzira (Valencia) reportedly gave her sister details of the medical history of the latter’s ex-husband’s new girlfriend.

Apparently the aim of doing this was so that the nurse’s sister could use this information in her battle for custody of the couple’s children.

The defence, who called for complete acquittal of both the nurse and her sister, said the nurse was ‘upset and very worried’ about the welfare of her niece and nephew, aged four and six, which is why she used her work password to find out more about their father’s new girlfriend’s medical history.
This NURSE has been jailed for 21 months and fined 2,700 euros for revealing confidential health information.

The data showed that between 2000 and 2002, she had made various suicide attempts by taking overdoses and cutting her wrists.

Testifying, the patient explained that she had been under a psychiatrist for depression and panic attacks as she was going through a difficult period which involved being physically and mentally abused by her former partner.

She said she and the children’s father had been contacted by their mother, who said she knew the full story and feared that the kids would be at risk.

Her legal representatives confirmed that she was not an aggressive person, that her depression and suicide attempts had taken place years ago and that she posed no risk whatsoever for her partner’s children.

However, the nurse’s defence claimed to have a psychiatrist’s report suggesting the patient had ‘alcohol problems’ and a ‘personality disorder’, which is a generic term covering a multitude of mental illnesses, including circumstance-induced transient depression.

Whilst the prosecution originally called for a four-year prison sentence for the accused, she will only be jailed for one year and nine months, since a judge recognised that she had acted out of genuine concern for her family members.

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