Pharmacists should take care while giving medicine

Pharmacists Should Take Care while Giving Medicine


          In UAE Ajman with out doctors prescription pharmacies are not allow to give medicines in any situation. If any one violating this rule, the pharmacy will be sealed by police, According to medical director of Ajman.
This is because of some youngsters is addicted to some analgesic medicines and most of teenagers and students are used this medicines for additives.
         The committee of pharmacists, educational directors, Ajman police, and health authority taken this decision. Pharmacy, clinics, mental health clinics are not allow to give medicine with out prescription. If pharmacist have some doubts in the prescription they can ask the assistance from the police. Before giving the medicine pharmacist should conform that person is 18 year or older, prescription date, seal, details of the prescribed doctor, and for fully controlled medicine need ministry prescription from the doctor.

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