Pimples, how it will prevents


Pimples one of the big problems of man and women very common in teenagers. And most of them are using a lot of treatments for this, if we did some caution we can prevent this problem.

pimples are skin inflammations or lesions due to excess trapping of oil or sebum. They are more common in teenagers irrespective of age & sex. pimples can appear on back, chest, face and hands. But but most of the time bothers about that on face.

Pimples are of different types

pustules etc.

Sebaceous glands at the base of hair follicles gets infects and filled with pus, leads to pimples, Most of the time its too painful.

How can prevent pimples?!

* Self treatment measures include washng face twice daily with cold water with a mild cleanser,
* Do not burst or squeeze pimples,
* Avoid unnecessry touchng of face with hands,
* Perform hand wash and maintain, hand hygiene
* Remove makeup before sleep,
* Avoid overexposure to sunlight,
* Careful while shaving because chance for burst.
* Prefer loose clothing’s.
* Avoid oily and fatty foods
* Add mor vegetables in the food
* In case of large amount pimples specialist tretment can also be done.
* Self treatment is not preferred in large numbers of pimples and there is infection.

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