Polish Woman Gives Birth After Lying Upside Down For 75 Days


This is the real story of a Polish woman gave birth to twins after a 75-day ordeal in which she had to lie upside down to save her babies’ lives. Now you are thinking how it’s possible?

The doctors made a 30 degree curved bed and she lie down head down position 75 days. On this time she is not moving from this position. The food given thru the tube. Even bathing she is not moving in the same position.

Joanna Krzysztonek from Wroclaw, western Poland, who had been expecting triplets, initially went into labor after the fifth month of pregnancy.
Doctors were unable to save the first child. They then stopped the birth in a bid to ensure that the remaining two survived.

However, the expecting mother was told that she might have a chance of saving the two unborn babies only by lying still and virtually upside down with her legs up. She decided to go through with the plan, and after 75 days, her twins Iga and Ignacy were born.


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