Pregnancy is the period from conception to the birth of child. The pregnancy time an embryo will grow in uterus.

Are you pregnant?
Signs and symptoms of pregnancy

If have dought pregnancy kits are available in the market.
1. Missed menstrual period
2. Morning sickness (nausea,vomiting)
3. Body weakness (fatigue)
4. Frequent urination ( early weeks )
5. Lightheadedness (A feeling you are going to faint)
6. Constipation
7. Heart burn (early weeks)

Pregnancy precautions

First three months is the crucial stage in pregnancy.

> Avoid alcohol, drugs, medications,

> Avoid tea, coffee, smoking.

> Avoid “X-ray”.

> Avoid hot tub bathing.

> Avoid can-foods, processed foods

> Drink pasteurized milk,

> Add more fresh vegetables in food,

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