Sex during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy ?


       Yes is possible in normal pregnancy. The hormones released during orgasm to help relaxation.
But the first and final weeks of pregnancy please avoid sex for safety precaution.

Sex positions during pregnancy

       Women on top positions, side lying positions, spooning, hand and knee, this methods are the common and safe during pregnancy.

Sex is safe during pregnancy?

       It can cause bleeding, if there is any history avoid sex.
Leads to infection, pregnancy time sex may leads to infection. If there is any chance to get infection avoid sex
Rick of preterm delivery, if a women have risk of preterm delivery avoid sex in this time
Avoid deep penetration, deep penetration can damage membranes of uterus.
Don’t use any sex toys, this also can damage membranes.
Amniotic leaking, there is any history of amniotic leaking avoid sex.
Avoid sex if partner have a infection, sexually transmitted or any other infection.

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