Shocking News From Kerala (India), Around 38,000 People Die of Heart Disease Yearly,


On an average 110 people die of heart disease in Kerala every day. This shocking statistic is based on studies by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), World Health Organisation (WHO) and Cardiological Society of India’s Kerala Chapter, it can be surmised that at least 38,000 people die of heart attack in Kerala every year, while about 1.5 lakh people develop heart disease in Kerala each year.
Studies done by CSI-Kerala reveal that cardiovascular disease is the cause of 50% of the total deaths in the state
and that by 2020 it is expected to go up to two-thirds of the total. The ICMR-WHO study on non-communicative disease risk factors estimates that 8.72 million people suffer from hypertension in Kerala, whereas the estimated number of diabetics is 3.48 million.

Angina – an indication of heart disease.

Aortic stenosis – can be present at birth but it’s
more common in older people.

Arrhythmia – an abnormal heartbeat is common
and not always dangerous.

Atrial fibrillation – this is the most common cause of the heart beating irregularly.

Cardiomyopathy – where the structure of the heart muscle changes or weakens.

Cardiovascular disease – a group of conditions including stroke and heart disease.

Congenital heart defects – present in about six out of every 1,000 babies.

Hardening of the arteries – often the result of high cholesterol.

Heart attack – occurs when blood flow to part of the heart is blocked.

Heart attack recovery – the first 48 hours after a heart attack are critical.

Heart failure – one in 20 admissions to hospital
is the result of heart failure.

Heart murmurs – about 30 per cent of children have an innocent heart murmur.

Heart problems in babies – most heart problems in babies are due to faulty genes.

Heart valve disease – can develop over years or
in a matter of days.

High blood pressure – hypertension increases
the risk of a heart attack.

Palpitations – when you describe your heart as
‘racing1, ‘thumping’ or ‘pounding’

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