Side effects of perfumes, most of them don’t know about it!


Perfumes this is the one of the thing we can’t avoid in daily life. Now any one know that there is a side effect. Most of the time there is not much big side effects. But some people’s they have severe side effects. So before use this perfumes try a small amount like test dose. especially the deodorants may case more problems because it will directly apply in the skin. Then you can avoid the side effects. Pregnant ladies avoid this perfume usage this can case problem for her and the baby.

Common side effects of perfumes

Headaches and drowsiness,
Nose irritation,
Throat irritation,
Running nose and sneezing,
Skin irritation,
Eye irritation,
Loss of co-ordination,
May can cause Defects of the central nervous system,
Birth defects,
May can cause Cancer.

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