The Biggest Ambulance In The World -Dubai Big Bus Ambulance


The Biggest ambulance in the world is in Dubai, with Dubai corporation for Ambulance Service (Government of Dubai).  the ambulance buses are always available to give rapid medical assistance all over UAE, in the event of major emergencies with large numbers of injury victims. In a multi-casualty accident or any emergencies this big ambulances are more helpful. Up to 20 persons can receive care from four specialist personnel in this large capacity ambulance.





The Big Bus Ambulance can be Used as:

1. Disaster Response Unit
2. Mass Casualty Transport and Treatment Unit
3. Intensive Care Patient Transport Vehicle
4. Mobile Operation Theater
5. Hospital Evacuation Vehicle
6. Emergency Capacity for Hospital ICU
7. Isolation / Quarantine Ward
8. Mobile Hospital / ER

These big ambulance is fully equipped, like an intensive-care unit and fully-functioning operating theater. For diagnosis there is X-rays and ultrasonic. the X-ray unit is world’s smallest one, The X-ray images are shown on a computer monitor in real time. An operator station at the front of these vehicles allows external communication by telephone, radio, internet and fax. A laptop is included in the equipment, as is a large LCD monitor which enables the individual areas in the large-capacity ambulance to be monitored.  The buses can also be equipped with a rear-mounted equipment box containing generators,

Dubai Big Bus Ambulance responding for emergency

The Biggest ambulance in the world

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