” Harmful effects of mining. Millions are dying due to severe lung diseases all over the world due to the coal dust and pollution caused due to mining ”


The fragrance of the new soil, the effervescent morning after the night rain, the white clouds on a sunny day, the soothing breeze of the spring season, the eye catching greeneries etc. his wishes are connected with nature.

The mystic monsoons bring irresistible feelings for him. He’s sensitive to all seasons.

He was a farmer by choice. Many people from different parts came to visit his farm. His dairy farm succeeded to meet the rising needs of milk in his village and neighboring areas.

But things went out of hand one day. The mining and geology department fixed a notice on his wall. While reading, he fell down fainted. Under his home, farm lands, dairy etc there lies the most dominant source of energy, the most chosen fuel, the highly desirable raw material to produce electricity.

Everybody calls it simply Coal. His villagers use it to make food. But he knows that it’s much more than just a cooking fuel.

Soon the mighty bulldozers came. The surface mining started. It was such a heart breaking moment for him to witness the excavation. Many years of effort, passion and dreams went shattered all of a sudden. However he realized the importance of mining.

The nation is under huge power crisis. As the coal based power plants being the most cost effective, the requirement for coal has increased enormously.

But he didn’t think even in his wild dreams that he have to sacrifice his life to illuminate the rest of the world.

Any way he tried to console himself.

The years of mining have made the land barren. The weather system has collapsed miserably. The heat generated was too high to live.

Everybody waited for rain. And the anticipated monsoon came as a blessing. But nobody got the fragrance of new rain. The rain continued till morning. But the morning lost its entire charm.

The rain brought another danger. When the coal surfaces got exposed, pyrite got contact with the atmosphere. The pyrite which is chemically iron sulfide thus became sulfuric acid. The heavy rain falls made it easy for the flow of acids.
The aquatic life, bio diversities etc the whole ecosystem of the nearby areas also got disturbed much badly.

The long exposure to coal dust caused the villagers with severe and acute lung diseases.

The villagers classified their life as spring before mining and autumn after mining.

Though they know that those springs of yesteryears will never come back, they are still waiting.

What else can they do?

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