The Girl who Cries Blood Is It Real?


The Girl who Cries Blood

Normally when a person crying tear will come, this is normal. But a girl from India, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh while she crying instead of tear, blood is coming. Her name is Twinkle Dwivedi. She has strange disorder which means she loses blood through her skin automatically without being cut or scratched.
On 2010 September 25th a medical doctor from Dallas has travelled to India with the National Geographic Channel to examine a girl who claims to spontaneously cry blood and bleed from her feet and scalp.
Dr. George Buchanan a leading haematologist who has worked in University of Texas South-western and Children’s Medical Centre in Dallas, National Geographic persuaded him to travel with them to India to meet 14 year old Twinkle.
She is suffering the frightening episodes up to 50 times a day for the last three years. She said that “I bleed from my eyes, my hands, my head, from everywhere. From my ears, nose and eyes as well. “It doesn’t hurt when the bleeding starts. But it makes me tired and sometimes I have headaches.

Dr. George Buchanan said that I never seen a case of someone who bleeds spontaneously from their scalp or their palms, or read about it in medical history. The doctor was called to the family’s to Bombay witness bleeding which began from her hair parting. He was shocked to find no signs of cuts, bruising or redness. Dr Buchanan said: “It doesn’t seem physically possible for blood to seep through intact skin. “But I saw no signs of cuts or bruising anywhere on her body.” Dr Buchanan and his team carried out a series of tests including cutting Twinkle’s skin to time how quickly the bleeding stops. Tests show she may have a mild form of a clotting disorder, which means her platelets do not stick together properly. But this is not enough to explain the spontaneous bleeding. Dr Buchanan is also investigating whether Twinkle and her mother and father to find out the causes of bleeding.

The Girl who Cries Blood is it real?

One impotent thing I got this information in the internet. I have a lot of questions regarding this article.
Is it real?
According to this article she bleed around 50 times in a day! But she is look like healthy. There is no health problems? Like anaemia?
There is no treatment?
Up to 13 year old how she survive with out any complication??
Please can give me an answer?

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  1. jaedyn says:

    i thought it was real until on youtube the doctor treating Twinkle stated that the only person thats actualy seen the bleeding prosses was her mother.

  2. sarah says:

    she had very hard period and is also bleeding form her body also I think so

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