The ban on “Musli Power X-tra’ has been removed by High Court Of Kerala,

The ban on “Musli Power X-tra’ has been removed by High Court Of Kerala,
The Ban Order of Government of Kerala has been quashed by the High Court Of Kerala through a judgment on 27th June 2011 by a two member Division bunch headed by Justice A.K. Basheer and Justice P.Q. Barkath Ali. Through this judgment Kunnath Pharmaceuticals got permission to freely Manufacture and Sell Musli Power X-tra. This judgment was on the petition filed by Kunnath Pharmaceuticals Saying that Ban Notification is ex facie invalid and illegal, and also says the said notification has been issued without any sanction or authority of law in as much as the State Government dose not have any power to issue such a notification under Section 33 EEC of Drug and Cosmetics Act 1940, particularly to prohibit the manufacture and sale of the drug for which he has been granted a license as provided under the Act and the Rules.
And the judgment also saying that “the manufacturer was not given any opportunity at all to be heard before the said notification was issued”.
As Musli Power X-tra got accepted very fast in the Indian market, many State Drug Control Department grew suspicions about the product and they took samples from company, Stockists and Retailers for analytical test. The report have revealed that the product do not contain any chemicals such as Sildenafil Citrate or Tadalafil or Synthetic Steroids. Such tests are conducted by Govt. analytical laboratories of Kerala, Maharashtra and Gujarat.
The Musli Power X-tra has been registered as herbal Product in U.A.E, Kuwait and Bahrain and it is marketed in these countries also.
Through the ban order, there will serious concern about the Musli Power X-tra among the public, which has to be cleared towards that the the High Court has directed the Government to direct the designated agency to send the Musli Power X-tra for Analysis/test to the Central Drug Laboratory, Ghaziabad, within three month from the date of receipt of the copy of judgment.
The management of Kunnath Pharmaceuticals also thank all the fellow Customers for the support given by them during this crisis time, and also declaring a 33% extra is all Packs (90’s, 60’s, 30’s) on the occasion of entry to the 7th year, and this offer is Limited to 7 Lakh Pack’s

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