The Third Eye

The Third Eye


           A New York University professor fixed camera surgically implanted into the back of his cranium. The Camara have 2 inches in diameter and one inch thick. Wafaa Bilal, an Iraqi born photography professor at the university’s Tisch School of the Arts. The procedure done at a piercing studio in 23rd of November 2010 for an art project commissioned by a museum in Doha, Qatar. The project name “The 3rd I,” and will make use of the posterior camera by taking a snap-shot photographs each minute of Bilal’s everyday activities for one year. The images will then be transmitted to Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art.

         The thumb-sized camera is mounted on a titanium plate inserted inside the back of his head. A cable runs from the camera to a computer that he carries in a custom-made shoulder bag. This pictures you can see in this website
         10th of February 2011 professor temporarily removed the camera surgically because body rejected it. He was suffering from pain and there is a chance for infection too.

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