Vitamins and their Importance in daily life.

Vitamins and their Importance,


           Vitamins have a vital role in human body. The word ‘vitamin introduced by a polish resecher Dr. Cacimir Funk, in 1911. Vitamin meaning a vital amine. Vitamins are potent organic compounds which are found in small concentrations in foods. They perform specific and vital functions in the body chemistry. The human body is unable to build or synthesize vitamins on its own. For this reason, it is essential that we obtain the right vitamins through our diet to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle, the absence or improper absorption results in specific deficiency disease.
           It is not possible to sustain life without all the essential vitamins. Vitamins are found naturally in organic food substances such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. This are classified by their biological and chemical activity. WE must obtain them from these foods or in dietary supplements. Vitamins, which are of several kinds, differ from each other in physiological function, in chemical structure and in their distribution in food. They are broadly divided into two categories, fat-soluble vitamins and water-soluble vitamins. Vitamins A, D, E and K are all soluble in fat. They are not easily lost by ordinary cooking methods and they can be stored in the body to some extent, mostly in the liver. Vitamin B Complex and C are water soluble. They are dissolved easily in cooking water. A portion of these vitamins may actually be destroyed by heating. They cannot be stored in body and hence they have to be taken daily in foods. Any extra quantity taken in any one day is eliminated as waste.

             Vitamins, used therapeutically, can be of immense help in fighting disease and speeding recovery. They can be used in two ways, namely, correcting deficiencies and treating disease in place of drugs. Latest researches indicate that many vitamins taken in large doses far above the actual nutritional needs, can have a miraculous healing effect in a wide range of common complaints and illnesses. Vitamin therapy has a distinct advantage over drug therapy. While drugs are always toxic and have many undesirable side effects, vitamins as a rule are non-toxic and safe.

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