We need Whistle blower Protection law in India

We need Whistle blower Protection law in India :

* Whistleblower laws are intended to prevent employers from taking retaliatory action against nurses such as suspension, demotion, harassment or discharge for reporting to the Court/ legal system about the improper patient care and facilities inside the hospital including the critical care departments, or un ethical business practices of the hospital.

* Across the nation, nurses are speaking out or “blowing the whistle” against workplace conditions that jeopardize patients and staff and they need legal protection.

* With the restructuring of health care and its cost cutting measures, Low Wages, The strength of Nursing are draining out and this leads to extreme shortage and further leads to proving inadequate treatment and nursing care to the Citizens .. Moreover the nurses are frustrated as they try to provide quality patient care while staffing levels, resources and support are often inadequate.

* So Our country INDIA State Nurses Associations and Juditiory must promote strong whistle blower protection laws on the state level that provide legal protections for nurses advocating for patients rights and protection, without fear of reprisal.

* Moreover Nurses are frustrated with Strict decision from the management about the mandatory overtime without the payment.

* In 1919, the ILO decided to completely prohibit night work for women in Public Private Industry. However, the Convention stated that the night work should be permitted in case of, force majeure, when in any undertaking there occurs an interruption of work which was impossible to foresee and which is not of a recurring nature or in case where the work has to do with raw materials or materials in the course of treatment, which are subject to rapid deterioration, when such night work is necessary to preserve such materials from certain losses…


There is No special laws in India to protect the rights of nurses and protect the rights of a patient in India.

In india, if a patient have any complaint against the hospital he has to complain a petition in the consumer court .

This world technology is advancing and the society is moving ahead by 10 years.

Our Indian Medical system including hospitals, Rights of nurses, Rights of doctors, Rights of Patients is still moving 20 years back how it was…!!!!

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