White Wheat Flour Can Cause Diabetes


All are using White flour, this is made from wheat that’s why no one think about a health problem. Those who know about the content of “white wheat flour” they will not use for edible purpose. The white wheat flour contains diabetes-causing contaminant alloxan. Alloxan is the chemical that gives white flour look “clean” and “beautiful”. Now you are thinking what is the problem with this ? Alloxan will distroy the beta cells of pancreas, that means you will become a diabetic patient.
Now you want to decide want to eat the products of white wheat flour !!? most us are unaware of alloxan and its potentially fatal link to diabetes because these facts are not well publicized by the food industry.

How does alloxan cause diabetes?

Alloxan is a toxic glucose analogue, which selectively destroys insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas when administered to rodents and many other animal species. This causes an insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus also called “Alloxan Diabetes” in these animals, with characteristics similar to type 1 diabetes in humans. The toxic effect of alloxan is common scientific knowledge in the research community, the FDA still allows companies to use it when processing food items.

Especially if you have a history of eating foods made with white flour and are at high risk for diabetes.
Studies show that you can reverse the effects of alloxan by supplementing your diet with vitamin E

Even if you are already diabetic, some simple changes to your diet can help treat your diabetes. First of all, stop eating foods made with white flour. Even though you already have diabetes, vitamin E supplements can still help you, as can many common foods.


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