Why Statewide seizure of Ayurvedic drugs ( Dathri, Indhulekha Products) by the Drugs Control Administration


Statewide seizure of Ayurvedic drugs by the Drugs Control Administration Plethora of complaints from differnert quarters were received that the Advertisements / statements of many Ayurvedic drugs are misleading the public and these drugs are being sold at exorbitant prices. Such questions were being addressed in various committes of the Legislative Assembly also. The enforcement officers of the Drugs Control Department have intervened in the Unauthrised advertisement/statements of certain Ayurvedic drugs like Indulekha, Bringha Complete Hair Care OIL, Indulekha Complete Skin Cream, Sreedhareeyam Smartlean, Dhathri fair skin cream, Dhathri Hair care Herbal Oil, Dhathri Hair care Capsules, Dhathri, Daivita Plus Capsules, Indhulekha Skin Care Oil etc and prosection steps were initiated from all the districts of the state and manufacturing premises of Indulekha and Dhathri

The leaflets / label of the drugs do describe certain false / misleading statements such as :

Indulekha Bringha Complete Hair Care OIL
1 “improves blood circulation in the scalp”
2 “detoxifies the blood in the scalp”
3 “Targets the cause of hair loss at cellular molecular level and penetrates thro the cuticle”
4 “so controlling hair loss is not the solutiopn to prevent thin hair, instead new hair generation has to be aided, which Indulekha Bringa does scientifically well”
5 “There is no mention about dandruff in English version, this is also misleading. In Malayalam two instances of “dandruff” comes. etc

Indulekha Complete Skin Cream
1 “It is proven highly effective against stretch marks, wrinkles, and several pigmentations”
2 “which improves complexion offering smoothness and clear tone to the texture”
3 “it enriches the skin tone safeguarding the outer skin’ etc.

Sreedhareeyam Smartlean
“slimming and fitness, smart way to dreal obesity. dissolve excess fat,
scientifically proven. picture of stomach with measuring tape leading to take the drugs for obesity.
See the malayalam version also

Dhathri Fair Skin Cream
Controls the activity of over activated melanin producing cells which is the cause of pigmentation. Fair skin gets into deeper skin layers, gradually slows down melanin production and prevents darkening of the skin”.

Dhathri hair care herbal oil
“Cools the scalp and gives relief from stress and strain”. Please see the malayalam version indicating beautiful skin.

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