Zoonotic Disease


An infectious agent transmitted from animals and human which may be through direct and indirectly.it can be shared from fleas or through contaminated soil in the sense while gardening. It can seriouly cause the pregnant womens resulting to abort. Scratch disease can be passed through while scratching or bitting by an infected cat. Zoonotic disease is closely associated with cats. Major role of transmission is via fleas. People infected with scratch disease have fever, headache, sore muscles and joints, fatigue, and poor appetite. Children are particularly at risk due to their higher likelihood of contact with contaminated soil. Unfortunately, pregnant women or immunosuppressed individuals are often mistakenly advised to remove cats from the household to reduce the risk of toxoplasmosis. However, people are highly unlikely to become infected from direct contact with their cats.

UAE move to form a committee for controlling all types of zoonotic disease. The minister of enviornment and water, Dr.Rashid ahmed bin fahd issued an ordinance to regulate the import of cattle, sheeps and goats from other countries with a record of SBV(virus)that causes deaths and deformities of livestock before death. Anyway hands off to the MOEW for introducing such a committee to monitor and prevent the outbreak infectious disease.

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